Harris Asteriko


«How is the outline of an individual? A human is like a schematic diagram. It is a mix of emotions, feelings, behaviors, actions, and reactions. Every individual is a unique human being, with individual tastes, thoughts, dreams, interests, and worries. Every unit has his own lifeline based in experiences, education, culture, life purpose, desires, and passions. Every one of us is unique.Through forms, lines, textures, patterns, composition, and process, the exhibition «Life Lines» is trying to intrigue the audience`s critical mind to think about the determining role of an individual, as itself, but also about the importance of the contribution of the unit in the existence of the society. Everything starts from the unit.

– Harris Asteriko

På denne utstillingen, som vises i Galleri Briskebys prosjektrom, presenterer Asteriko arbeider i ulike teknikker, hovedsakelig monotypier, som er hans foretrukne grafiske teknikk. Han trykker vanligvis på plexiglass, der han bruker blekk og ulike materialer som foldet papir, tekstiler, tråder, lerret, børster og andre objekter.

«It is so fascinating the whole experimenting procedure and the fact that I can print only once, what I am visioning at a specific time. It is a challenging technique as I must take the risk of an uncertain outcome. (…) Surrealism and abstract expressionism as techniques are remarkably interesting with many creative possibilities and potentials, because they allow me to work subconsciously, keep an experimental approach, an open composition as well as I can work with different textures, effects, and expressions.»

– Harris Asteriko

Harris Asteriko (f. 1979 i Thessaloniki, Hellas) er utdannet ved Strykejernet i 2020. Han har allerede hatt flere separat- og gruppeutstillinger, blant annet Galleri VOX i Bergen Tveten gård i Oslo, Risør Digital Art Festival og Galleri Briskeby.